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Loquacious and.. editing this page

I was born at a young age

I'm currently editing this page to add details about who I am as a coworker! It's currently... 1:18 pm GMT so cliffnotes!

I beat the Seattle Freeze

I'm not sure how I got this superpower, but it has done me wonders in this field. If you think you have an uncrackable audience, I'll unconsciously find the hairline fracture, set people at ease, and get them to spill their beans. I'm just chatty and approachable enough to get people to give me heartless feedback freely. The best part is that I honestly want feedback! The only thing I love more than hearing about how I can alter my designs to make them more accessible for their target demographic is customizing the designs to include more users. Publicly accessible design won't be amazing if marginalized people can't interact with it.

I'm an award-winning baker

Do you need a cake recipe? Or a perfect swiss meringue butter cream frosting recipe? I will definitely share it with you.... for an interview.

... And prolific Quilter
... And Crocheter who ran out of steam at 2am, will add details in the morning!
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